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  • Food

    Apricot SUN

    7 Sun dried apricots, coconut, and a surprise flavour will give you a nice snack.

  • Food

    Apricot SUN mini

    Apricot SUN mini for the little bites to share with the others you are outdoors with

  • Food

    Choc DATE mini

    The Chocolate DATE minis will give you a chance to share when in company of others

  • Food

    Chocolate DATE

    There’s no Sugar in these, just the pure taste of chocolate to satiate that craving

  • Food

    Get SEEDY

    These Kurkuma seed crackers are a source of nutrition to snack on or for breakfast.

  • Drinks

    Ginger GRASS

    Dehydrated ginger and lemongrass for warm tea with a kick when going outdoors

  • Food

    Hummus TOGO

    Only add water, mix with the spoon (included) wait 15min and you have a fresh Hummus.

  • Food

    Muesli SPICE

    8 Bircher Muesli soft cookies with a spicy taste, nosugar. They are vegan and contain nuts.