Hummus a great nutritious food to take hiking

Our Hummus TOGO started having leftovers of Hummus made for a party. In order to keep it longer I inserted into the dehydrator to keep it and take it hiking avoiding the weight of fresh Hummus. 

Hummus is a chickpea paste originated and very popular in the middle east. We hydrate the beans overnight and cook them at length as we believe these taste better than the ones out of a jar or worse tin can. It then goes into the blender with the other ingredients, olive oil, lemon juice etc. You can find many recipes online of course. 

It can be eaten with a large variety of other great foods.

Some listed for you:

  • Small carrots
  • Cucumber slices
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Radishes 
  • any kind of bread
And from here you can take it yourself. 

You can now take it with you and add water 20min before you’re ready to take a break and eat it. powder it up as much as possible with the small bamboo spoon inserted In the bag and fill the water till the line.

Stir and let be till ready.

If you have any left the bag can be zipped up again for you to enjoy later. 


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