Hiking in the beautiful Alsace is very possible, and beautiful. FoodToHike went to discover and spend the easter holidays wondering in the sun and camping cooking our own dehydrated food. (not for sale yet, but talk to us if you want to know more).

We set off to start in the North to hike the Route Vin D’alsace. Travelled the night before to Strassbourg which is an amazing city to get a taste off in an afternoon or hang out even longer.

Early in the morning travelled with the bus to Marlenheim where the route starts. From there we set off to end up in Dorlisheim where camp would be set up for 2 days as the campsite in the next town wasn’t open yet. We had to pay attention to train schedules as the holiday schedules where effective. But it saved us having to carry our backpacks.

Outdoor Cooking

The next phase was Dorlisheim to Barr passing many of the small villages in between.

From Barr it was the intention to go further to Chatenois but we derived to Selestat as the campsite was located there. Due transport being limited.

FoodToHike received some information from the tourist office and then found out that the route is very well indicated for cars and bikes. Hiking the route is more or less up to yourself and you can take any of the walking paths between the villages. The tourist board does not respond and don’t really have the maps other than the regular hiking maps to support it.

This does mean you will have to buy several maps doing the entire route. The only other option is to go to the tourists office nearby and ask them to print a map as one of them was kind enough to do so.

Take your time to do the route, have some of the great wines, visit the winehouses and enjoy the gorgeous landscape this part of the world has to offer..

FoodToHike will continue to do the entire route and write some more about it here.


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