As an annual subscriber 30chf a year, I make a lot of use of the SwitzerlandMobility site to find hiking routes to take, or to draw my own. The site also provides routes for Cycling, Mountainbiking, Skating and Canoeing. In winter they will switch to the winter site with Snowshoe trails, winter hiking, sledging and cross country skiing

National, Regional and Local routes are listed and you can view them on a map.
Circular and routes from one point to another are available to check out. Multiple day routes, good description and accurate information on height, length and time.

how to get there by public transport and local tourist information if available. The maps you could purchase directly or you could use the mobile app.

The Mobile app.

On the mobile app you are able to find the your chosen route and see where you are. Most important if you are heading of your path. The descriptions are good but the best feature of the mobile app is that you are able to follow your route accurately. This with help from the signs

The signs

Ever so often the signs are not easily visible. but usually you can see them easily. So you can enjoy walking around without looking on your app all the time. The signs give you directions and every so often the time it will take to get there. These time indications are pretty accurate and provide you a good oversight of what you can still do in the time you have the day you go out.

When subscribed

You can login in draw your own routes. the site will let you print a map, download the created .GPX file or make it visible on your phone app. Piece by piece you can create the route you would like to take and see how long it takes and the height of descent and ascents so you can go out there well prepared.

Do so and enjoy!


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