Rheinfalls on a quiet day

Yes, fortunately this is possible. Off season to see these waterfalls without the big crowds there. It was time to go see them. And they looked beautiful as the sun was out shining bright

As part of the ViaRhenana you pass them when on stage 4 from Schaffhausen to Rheinau

Taking the train to Schaffhausen and due to the fact it’s a fairly short route, (only 14km) you can take the time to wonder around in the pretty town of Schaffhausen when out for the day.

The route is mainly along the river Rhein and was really a nice surprise walking mainly very near along the water. The stream looked pretty heavy at times but the water was very clear and pretty to walk along.

The end of this stage is the town of Rheinau where another nice surprise was awaiting us. wandering along the bend we saw some pretty water birds and quite some swans when the Rheinau Abbey a Benedictine monastery became visible.

Sweet ending of a nice day out hiking.


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