FoodToHike is a company started to exist because the food out there to take when going outdoors is very limited and not very healthy

FoodToHike believes in nutritious good healthy pure food. Good ingredients and no additives. Even more important NOSUGAR.
Sugar is another not needed additive to make things taste sweet and good. There are pure ingredients like fruits and honey which give it a much better taste and the only ones FoodToHike uses.

A lot of food out there to take as snacks is sweet. Savoury food is what FoodToHike will also provide. Like our Muesli SPICE cookies. Our Hummus TOGO and our Ginger GRASS tea.

When we go outdoors we do our mind and physique a favour. FoodToHike hopes to enhance your health when you have our food doing your activity.

We hope you will enjoy our products and are always happy to hear back from you.



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