FoodToHike does not do plastic. We are outdoor people and adore nature. Besides eating good food to ensure our bodies are healthy we’d like to keep our planet healthy.

The tubs we package our balls in are from PLA and is 100% compostable. So when you’re done the best thing is to re-use them. Once you do need to throw them out the compost heap is your place. The little bamboo spoons are also great to re-use especially because the nature of bamboo is that it doesn’t accumulate bacteria.

Don’t let your plastic bottles end up like in the image. Better even, use reusable ones. FoodToHike uses Hydrapack Stash bottles which they are very happy with and would recommend to anyone.

This way we might be able to bring this place into a better state again.

Our outdoor motto is:
Keep nature beautiful for others to see. Only leave your footprints and only take photographs.


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