Grow your Own

As FoodToHike is keen on knowing what you’re eating growing your own is really rewarding.

Gardening or on your Balcony. Just some herbs or Tomatoes, Lettuce, Peppers are able to grow on your balcony. 

Gardening itself is a task by itself and if you enjoy it like the owner of FoodToHike does. 

Having a history working in The Negev desert on a Moshav, Grandfather with a passion, Uncle with his own gardening business, Parents with a little summer garden house supposedly inevitable to have one myself.

Sheer hapiness when eating homegrown produce. Experiencing the pureness and the flavours

Even if FoodToHike doesn’t grow the food it’s providing you it’s aiming to use high quality products. Clean 1 ingredient components. I am an avid reader of books on Food for example the ones from Michael Pollan , for years following the SlowFood organisation and to visit the Terra Madre Salon del gusto is sheer delight. 

HomeGrown honest produced good quality and delicious food. The movement fortunately is growing. So books, Blogs, Vlogs all is easy to come by in order to educate yourself on this. And even if you cannot or do not want to grow your own. Checking the ingredients on what you eat can be done for your to eat good clean healthy food products. 



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