25 KM Summer River run in Reuss

Great day out 25km RiverFloat on the Reuss River in Switzerland. This is a common activity in various places throughout the country.

Quite daring at places due to the fast current you might have to swim through. Floating on an air bag or anything else is the best as you do have something to hold onto. 

So we started at the Bremgarten Station and walked to river edge. There where many people starting from here on different devices. 

The end was in Gebensdorf where you really have to get out otherwise you end up in a dangerous stream. (You could walk past this on land and continue)

Bremgarten – Mellingen (14 km)

Mellingen – Gebensdorf (11 km)

The group stopped a couple of times to have a rest and pick up a lost tube.

Warning: this is not an activity you should take lightly. You need to be a strong swimmer in order to commence this route. Although FoodToHike provides you with details we are not responsible for action taken according to these. 


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